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Vuze – a Smart Mix between P2P File Sharing and Social Networking

Previously known under the name of Azureus, Vuze is one of the most widely known BitTorrent clients. It is written in Java on the Azureus Engine, and one of its main traits is the possibility to view and publish original DVD and HD video files, thus allowing users to earn money this way, when publishing their own original content.

This free program is bigger and more complex than other known BitTorrent clients, such as the extremely lightweight uTorrent. Since its first release in June 2003, under the name Azureus, it became of the most popular BitTorrent clients, due to the multiple unique features it offers.

The fact that you can publish content on this client is one of its main assets, along with the fact that the downloaded media can be exported directly to any external device. Among the other features, Vuze offers the possibility to share torrents with others, while the “friend boost” option helps increase speeds between you and your friends.

The Azureus Network permits browsing through high quality official and original media content, with the possibility of downloading. A chat system is also implemented, and files can be directly opened within the program. You can set maximum upload and download limits according to your wishes, while encryption support, peer exchange, super-seeding, submitting comments as well as ratings, are some of the other traits offered by this tool.

The software is very user-friendly: through the interface, the user can browse on the Vuze Network for media content, share torrents or engage in conversations via the chat feature. A registered account is required in order to gain access to certain types of content on the Network. Its ease of use comes from the fact that the interface does not stray too far from the original BitTorrent design that so many users are used to.

Combining social networking with P2P file sharing has proven a fruitful idea for the program’s array of assets: people looking to share file and media, as well as those looking for online socializing, would definitely like the stuff this app has to offer.

Among the commands and tabs on the interface, most notable are the “On Vuze” tab, which grants access to the media on the Network, the ‘Library’ tab where the downloaded content can be accessed, and the ‘Publish’ tab, which allows the publishing of content on the Network. The ‘Advanced’ tab launches a standard torrent manager window, for those who are familiar with standard BitTorrent clients.

The fact that you can publish content to millions of users completely free of charge and at a higher quality is what many users find irresistible – thus, the program offers a platform for the independent film producers out there, who need a means to get their work published for a broader public. Vuze has also licensing deals with some larger players such as BBC, Showtime, who offer paid-for content.

The torrent sharing feature is similar to that of the other BitTorrent clients out there: downloading speeds are still governed by the number of users. The tool offers a large number of statistics, from downloading and uploading speed, estimated time left, information on the “pieces” still needed for the file, IP addresses of the peers, the port they are running BitTorrent on, as well as the client they are currently using.

Total and average swarm speeds are also displayed, as well as overall upload/download, cache activity and database details. Furthermore, a wide range of plugins has been made available, such as Advanced Statistics, SMS Notifications, 3D View, Ono, ProgressBar, RSS Downloader, Speed Scheduler and the Status Mailer – this is quite a versatile piece of software!

Last but not least, a portable version called “Vuze To Go” has been developed and published in May 2009, but, unlike the standard version, it is not free.

Who might find this app the most useful BitTorrent client? Firstly, it would be the media fanatics and the independent movie makers, who can benefit greatly from the Network; but regular torrent users will also have much to gain from this tool. Overall, the mix between direct media sharing, a vast online network and web socializing has made Vuze a landmark among the BitTorrent clients available at the moment.